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  • Oak Creek Homes

    Whether you are picking an Oak Creek Modular Home or Oak Creek Manufactured Home, you’re making the right choice to get more value for your dollar.

    Manufactured homes & Modular homes are built in our factory, transported to your custom site, then installed adhering to the federal building code standards. Our precise standards and frequency of building means that your homebuilders are experts in the quality you deserve.

  • 7-Year Home Protection Plan

    Introducing the strongest and the longest builder Protection Plan in the Industry

    Oak Creek Home Guard is the ultimate home service protection package and is available on eligible homes at participating home centers. Lots of builders offer service protection for a year or two, but you deserve much more than that. At Oak Creek Homes, we stand behind our construction methods and materials for a full 7 years. When you build a home as well as we do, and use brand-name materials, appliances, and fixtures as we do, then you can offer a service protection plan that lasts seven years and covers most parts of your home – as we do.

    More than 30 components of your new home are protected against failures for seven years by our Home Guard Protection Package. Should you have a problem, simply pick up the phone and call. During the first year, call the phone number listed on your manufacturer’s warranty document. During years two through seven, call in your requests to the Home Guard Service Center at 888-759-3915. Home Guard protection reimburses you for both labor and materials for unlimited repairs, less the deductible, up to the actual cash value of the home. Home Guard covers your home.